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Named after Paul H. Young, a cane rod builder and fly-fishing pioneer from Detroit, the Paul H. Young Chapter of Trout Unlimited is a non-profit grassroots organization in metro Detroit whose mission is To conserve, protect and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds starting with out deeply rooted ties here in Michigan.
Board of Directors

Say hello to the Paul H. Young Board of Directors.

These are the guys working behind the scenes who make it all happen.
Matt Cullen

Matt Cullen - 
Matt has been fishing since childhood but first picked up the fly rod as a teenager after seeing "The Movie" - A River Runs Through It.  He enjoys all types of fishing but his paradise is holding a flyrod on the AuSable during a Spring day before fishing the evening rise.  Matt has a small cabin on the North Branch where he spends weekends with his Dalmatian puppy Drake, wife Hilary and her Beagle, Sammy.  Time Up North always reminds Matt of the beauty of Michigan rivers and why they need our protection.  Outside of Michigan, Matt travels out West annually and never grows tired of the Montana adventure.
Chris Reister

Chris Reister -
I started my trout journey in my 20’s.  I grew up fishing conventional tackle for panfish and bass with my Dad and brother.  Once I met my wife to be, her brother introduced me to the sickness that has plagued me since.  Now in my late 40’s, fly fishing for trout has been my journey and passion since.  It consumes my thoughts when I am with out fly rod in my hand.  I was a partner in a fly rod company and now own and operate Willow Classic Reels.  My main focus with Trout Unlimited is our mission to “Cast it Forward”.  Education, conservation and protection of our cold water fisheries and beyond.  Come and help us “Cast it Forward”.

Board Members

Brian Considine

Brian Considine -
Brian lives in Troy, MI and has been a member of the PHYTU board since 2007 when he joined after being introduced to the Chapter by past President Bryant Wade.  Brian was President from 2009-2011.  When he’s not fishing, golfing and skiing with his family he’s practicing environmental law at a firm in Bloomfield Hills.

Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez -
Daniel has always liked to be outside and go fishing.  He bought his first fly fishing rod and reel on a trip to Montana and never looked back.  From that day forward he has been hooked on fly fishing.

Daniel was introduced to the Paul Young chapter of Trout Unlimited after going on a fly fishing restoration weekend to WaWasum lodge on the AuSable.  Being an Executive Chef, he often helps with the food preparation for these special weekends as well as other chapter events.

His beautiful wife Jen and great kids Grace and Gabriel will not fish with him so he is committed to Trout Unlimited as a way to stay involved in the fly fishing community.

Wayne Cook

Wayne Cook -
Wayne joined PHYTU last year to help gather data on membership and decided to stay on as chapter treasurer.  Wayne is a school teacher by trade but spends his summers working in Grayling for Old AuSable Fly Shop helping folks learn to fly fish and pick out the right gear and flies.  He is blessed to be able to fish the waters of Crawford and Oscoda counties every day from June through August.  When he’s not fishing, Wayne spends time with his two kids as they navigate basketball, dance, volleyball, and school. Look for Wayne at the shop or on the river!

Tom Norton

Tom Norton -
I started fishing early. A parental hand probably put a spin rod in my palm on a Northern Michigan summer vacation, not long after learning to walk. Apparently, my grandfather’s fishing gene (not catching gene) descended fully because I get itchy when away from water for too long. But it’s bigger than rods, reels and line for me. Waters are contemplative—mirrors of ourselves. Along the way, friends in law school introduced the acute contagion of fly fishing. In the early 2000s, I found myself on the Paul Young board. At this point, my uncle recalled how he had worked in Paul Young’s sport shop, and introduced me to an apprentice Paul had taught to build cane rods. It was like tracing fly fishing DNA. Later, chapter events and R&R weekends gave me chances to stay in touch. Now my wife Deana and I have found our way back to the board, ready to engage with you and to contribute whatever we can to ensure the future of PHYTU and Michigan waters—our waters— cold, clean and conserved.

Deana Norton

Deanna Norton -
I was first introduced to Trout Unlimited and the PHY chapter by my husband, Tom. For the better part of the past 10 years I have attended (and worked!) at banquets and WaWaSum weekends. Despite never actually catching a fish on a fly rod, I am excited to be a member (again) of the PHYTU board. My goal as a member of the board is to continue the mission to conserve and protect the natural resources while engaging with as many people as possible. Together we can make a difference (and maybe catch a fish or two)!

Connor Ford

Connor Ford -
I first began fly fishing when I was around 13, and like many others, it became a highly addictive part of my life. I love to fish Michigan’s streams for both trout and bass, and I believe that some of the most beautiful areas in the nation belong here in our state. Whether it’s fly tying or river ecology, I’m interested in it, and I want a part of it. I was introduced into Trout Unlimited soon after discovering fly fishing, and since then I’ve made some amazing friends and have been to multiple TU camps including the National Teen Summit. Being the youngest member of our chapter, I find it extremely important to get other teenagers involved in fly fishing and TU in order to create a larger number of conservation minded people willing to protect the waters we love.

Tim Cyrus

Tim Cyrus -
I have always loved fishing, but first got into the sport of fly fishing while living in South Carolina near the Blue Ridge Mountains. Since moving back to Michigan, I head north whenever possible to spend time on the river, peruse trout, and enjoy life. In addition, I love spending time camping with my wife and two dogs, and look forward to bringing my newborn son Otto in the years to come. I enjoy my career very much as a Firefighter / Paramedic and work with a great group of men and women. After joining Paul H. Young TU and spending a weekend at WaWasum Lodge on the AuSable, I knew this was an organization I would enjoy getting more involved with. See you on the river!

Zack Spearman

Zack Spearman -

Bob Batchik

Bob Batchik -
Advisor - Salmon in the Classroom
Bob learned to fish from his Father and Grandfather and his passion for the sport runs deep.  A long time and active member of the Paul H Young Chapter, Bob credits his start as a professional woodcarver to his first banquet donation.  Bob has a Fine Arts Degree from Northern Michigan University and background as a professional graphic designer.  Bob is currently acting as an advisor to the board of directors and is the Salmon in the Classroom coordinator.
I am a lifetime fisherman who loves fly fishing for anything that swims.  Being an active member of the Paul H. Young Chapter for over 20 years has brought me great satisfaction.  The highly dedicated people associated with this important work are motivated by a passion for improving the cold water resources we all love.  Over the last two decades I have developed many lifelong friendships and have learned to be a better fly fisher because of them.

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